When Grey comes home instead of Julie’s dad, Julie must learn to navigate all the big, unpredictable feelings loss brings. When Grey Came to Stay is the hopeful story of one girl’s journey through grief as she learns to celebrate her father in the midst of sadness.

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About Amber

As a teen, Amber Kuipers experienced the sudden loss of her dad and has been living with her own Grey ever since. “Dad Adventure Day” has become one of her favourite days of the year. 

Amber lives in a small town in Southern Ontario with her wonderful husband and three “crazy but amazing” kids. Amber loves to spend time outside either in her garden or having adventures with her family and friends. When Grey Came to Stay is her first children’s book.

“Amber Kuipers’ “Grey” is a universal presence, one that all of us encounter when we experience loss or change. She has been able to capture the process of befriending Grey with care, sensitivity, and simplicity, a gift to all of us, young and old, that emanates from personal experience and awareness. It’s in my top 5 Grief books I’d recommend to clients and friends.”
Miki Beldman